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Washi Dress 3 t

Washi Dress 3 t



Printed Washi Dress patterns: an experiment

Washi Dress 3

Washi Dress 3.jpg

The pattern is called the Washi Dress and it's by Made by Rae. I can't recommend it enough! I'm very lucky to be able to sew up a size medium with no ...

maternity washi dress made by rae by miushka

I finally made the super-popular Washi Dress from Made by Rae. Rae recently released her crazy-popular digital pattern in paper form and I was lucky enough ...

maternity washi dress made by rae by miushka

washi dress -flattering or not


Washi dress 1, 2 3. Patterns from http://www.made

Washi Dress

maternity washi dress made by rae by miushka

washi dress in denise schmidt

Washi Boatneck

I definitely recommend using rayon if you want to try a boatneck maxi version of Washi because it definitely makes the long skirt drape nicely in addition ...

The first time didn't go so well... see last summer's Washi. But thanks to almost a year more of sewing experience, this one went much better.

easter dress (5 of 8)

Washi Dress

A Floral Washi Dress from Made by Rae

Washi Dress by Made by Rae

... I often wear silk slips under my dresses. I feel fancy that way. Here is a tutorial on how to make one yourself. Or buy them ready to go here.

Washi Dress

made by rae maternity washi dress by miushka

Anyway, everyone at the sewing workshop had heard of the Washi dress (even Liesl and Heather), and several already had purchased it and were excited to see ...

Washi dress - easy pattern!

maternity washi dress made by rae by miushka

Washi Boatneck

washi in violetcraft


SWAP Project 3: Linnen Washi Hack

made by rae maternity washi dress by miushka

... (because when it got here it really wasn't what I thought it would be!!) and try and make a wearable muslin. And guess what, it only bloody fits!

Back view, with shirring

My First Washi Dress

After three muslins, I had a pretty dress to wear to a dear friend's beach wedding in Nags Head, NC this November. Yay!

Washi Dress

... group and have only sewed for myself with a push and encouragement from PR ladies. I chose to sew Made by Rae's Washi Dress for my business casual look.


Pic 3


After loads of searching I found a way to do shirring on my machine (husqvarna Viking) that didn't require me buying a special presser foot.

This is a seconds fabric and has got a couple of quirky marks on it, like the line across the pleats. Damn. Luckily not so noticeable in the flesh.

Double Layer Washi Dress

Member Reviews for Made By Rae Washi Dress

Tateyoko Long Dress

Of course, at that time, I hadn't really ventured much into apparel sewing for myself besides the occasional elastic waist skirt, so it seemed a little bit ...

Gilt Trip Washi Dress

Washi Dress

Origami T-Shirt Dress


Ahh, the 3 versions of the bodice pattern!

Dress My Cupcake Party Collection Washi Paper Tape, Gray, Set of 3

Melwyk rates it for All sewists a

Washi Dress #2

... Washi Dress, Made by Rae ...

This weekend, I took a break from scrub caps and finally made my very own Washi Dress. I don't sew many garments, but one of my short term goals is to do ...

I can't wear it here. Just putting it on my body and boom, static, everywhere. But it is SO amazingly beautiful and someone should make something great with ...

I think I need this Reliable iron now ;-))

dear stella washi dress

I made a size Medium and added 2 inches to the length (I am 5'9″). This is shorter than my typical Washi. I usually add 3 inches but recently I have made ...

made by rae maternity washi dress by miushka

wash dress 1

1) Tamarac Jacket by grainline studio 2) Datura blouse by Deer and Doe 3)Archer button up by granline studio 4)Washi dress by Made by Rae

Starry Night Washi Dress by you & mie

siani1987 rates it for All sewists a


Array. Washi Dress ...

Early Pregnancy / Post-Partum Plans:

Bamboo Striped Wrap Dress

The shirring technique used at the back of the dress was great fun to sew and it makes for a really comfortable fit.

I'll share with you the changes I made in order to make it a dress. I prefer dresses because I can wear them to work or at home, and the only thing ...

I should have went with the 1/4 but I had already made the bias up and didn' t want to trim it at this point.

The ...


Dress My Cupcake Party Collection Washi Paper Tape, Pink, Set of 3

So, on lots of the blogs I follow, there has been a huge interest in the Washi Dress by Rae of Made By Rae. This is a Mummy dress, rather than a ...

I have admired the tops that were created in previous years but I haven't participated before.

Haiku Dress

SallySn rates it for All sewists a

Thankfully my office doesn't have a very strict dress code so I can get away with this.

Dress My Cupcake Washi Decorative Tape for Gifts and Favors, Summer Collection, Set of

Back at home, after my second muslin (pictured above), which I finished up just before the end of the sewing weekend, I moved the waist line back down, ...

Alice Top

Washi Dress

Above I'm showing an Ogden Cami and below is my latest Painted Portrait Dress. These are patterns that now reside in my "Favorites Folder".

Washi Boatneck Maxi

Parcel #3: Staple Dress with 3/4 sleeve and black knit by Sew

May 24th: This skirt is another Milkmaid Skirt, this time made from a thrifted nightgown. I rarely wear it since it's white, but I did manage to get through ...

Little Creative Factory Washi Dress

Washi Dress

Alice Top: V-neck Pattern Hack

Instead of using elastic thread for the shirring on the back bodice I used elastic. The bodice of this dress is lined and the bottom of the lining is used ...


wash dress 2